Guild Quest Development #1

Guild Quest is a game i am currently developing while im not working on Summoners Gambit. At the moment i am currently working on all of the menus for the game. Most of the players time is spent in said menu. The access order for them is as follows:
The Main Guild screen can lead to three windows:

  • Roster screen, where the player can select his up to three active mercenaries.
  • The Tavern screen: where the player can hire new mercenaries.
  • The Quest screen: where the player can undertake a new quest.

The Quest screen, if a quest is undertaken, will take you to the Quest map screen, which will have a certain amount of encounters and an explanation of the objective, which may be eliminate all enemies, a specific unity or collect a certain amount of items from defeated enemies.  Currently i have the main Guild Screen functioning and a manager object that saves the data in between scenes and loads a preset of charecters.

Welcome to my portafolio

Welcome to my Game Dev Blog/Portafolio! Here you will find multiple entries regarding my games and thoughts on game dev.

More specifically i will be doing the following:

  • Showcasing all of my games
  • Showing updates and demos
  • Writing thoughts and ideas
  • Promoting relevant projects and videos