Dark Overlord

Hosted by the Scirra Arcade

Dark Overlord was a game created using Construct 2 for the Rikoshe Mobile Game Jam in conjunction with Paula Navarro. We found out about said game jam a couple days before the submission process closed, giving us a weekend to develop the game. We decided to take an ambitious approach, a combination of a strategy game and a fast pace arcade platformer. The theme of the game is to gain points before the timer runs out. To do this, players must collect orbs and defeat enemy guardians. The player can also invest points in summoning one of 4 playable minions, each with their own abilities.

The art was created mostly by Paula Navarro while I took care of most of the programming. The gameplay mechanics were created and refined jointly. While it retais some bugs and is not very enjoyable on PC, as the controls are optimized for touch controls, it was an overall enjoyable experience. We only had a weekend to develop it we may return to it in the future, as i am personally a huge fan of Construct 2.