Starfighter Escape


You can Download The game here

How to Play:

  • Weapon Select Screen: You have three points to spend on the three available weapons. Level 1 of each weapon costs 1 point while level two costs 2. the three weapons change significantly when upgraded to level 2. The laser weapon is a fast shooting basic laser that can be rapid fired at level 2. The missle does a lot of damage but has a larger cooldown then the laser. on level 2 it gains a homing effect. The ion blast disables enemies it hits, at level two it becomes larger in size. All weapons destroy asteroids.
  • Gameplay Screen: You have 20hp which does not recover in between levels. To move, press "W" in order to advance in the direction the ship is pointing. You can rotate the ship using the "A" and "D" keys left and right respectively.

Starfighter Escape was one of the two games i showcased as part of the AulaTematica booth at Dreamhack 2016. This game is a throwback to old Atari games like Asteroids, Galaga and Xevious. The game also has a hint of strategy in it with a weapon selection screen. The game was well received, specially in the audience in the younger age ranges. The game saw multiple players return to give it a "second go". Some feedback that was given was "there should be health recovering items" which i will consider for later versions of the game.

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