Tales of Steel and Mana: Broken Alliance/Genesis

Tales of Steel and Mana: Broken Alliance/Genesis, is part of a game series that is under development. The series lore was created by me and Paula Navarro. This entry is meant to serve as a prequel, and this tech demo was debuted in Dreamhack Valencia 2016. I developed a large portion of this demo during Dreamhack itself, and was showcased to an audience as a live demonstration on the final day.

This game uses a point and click system for movement, similar to the Diablo series. Its combat however does not borrow from the legendary hack and slash series, instead, it uses a combination of the classic MMORPG formula, as made a stable by World of Warcraft, in which each skill is macroed to a key on the keyboard, and a unique spin which i added. The player has different “stances” which are accessed by the space key, each stance changes the available attacks and has a different “theme”. In the demo there are two stances: Holy Arms stance, which focuses on doing damage to undead creatures and the Protector Cleric Stance which allows for damage blocking and healing. Tied in with the fact to attack enemies you must target them (by clicking them) you have what i believe to be a fast paced strategy styled RPG with a rather unique combination of mechanics. The footage seen here is what was shown as the final tech demo during DreamHack Valencia 2016

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