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Guild Quest is a game that is currently in development. I am working on it when not occupied with Summoners Gambit. The game is meant to be a mobile game whit its controls mostly revolving around buttons. The concept is developing a guild that is made up by mercenaries hired by the player. The main goal is to complete quests and hire higher level mercenaries, while leveling up your guild, to continuously take on bigger challenges.

Combat consists in a single screen that contains up to six characters, including both player characters and enemy characters. The player may take up to three units into battle at any time.  To attack, the player must click the button on top of the units head, this will unleash the attack. Currently, the attack is a projectile that will hit the enemy target but i will be changing it to a "click the attack button and click the target" style combat, with no delay. Regardless, each time a unit attacks, he must wait before preforming the next attack, depending on the unity type.

The player guild has two resources: gold, which is used to buy new mercenaries, and Guild Points (GP) which allows playes to send mercenaries on quests. Each mercenary uses up a number of guild points, for example: if a player has 6 guild points, he can send out three 2 guild point mercenaries, or two 3gp mercenaries, or one 5gp mercenary ect, as long as no more then three mercenaries are sent out. At hte end of the quest, the GP is refunded so the player never actually "loses" the points, they can be thought of as buffers that allow players to become stronger over time.

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Guild Quest Development #1

by Arkanon | November 28, 2016 |
Guild Quest is a game i am currently developing...
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