The Healer

The Healer was a game I created as a part of a team of fellow developers and artists for an AulaTematica Game Jam. I functioned a dual role of Team leader and programmer. As Team Leader, it was my role to help the lead programmer (Paula Navarro) and the lead artist (Xavi Graullera) make decisions that did not hurt each divisions work. An example, was making the decision to have our main character use projectiles, but using a fx effect bundle  found by (Fran Pita), this aloud Xavi´s team to work on more pressing matters such as the environments. Another example was to suggest Xavi¨s team re-texture Mixamo assets rather then model, render and animate them from scratch, which aloud more time for things such as the Traps (which were modeled from scratch) and things like the intro screen to be worked on. My role also included making sure both teams hit certain deadlines to make sure nobody was caught “waiting” for the other team to provide them with what they needed.

Another of my contribution was the initial layout of the game mechanics. This was of course improved upon by the team as the development went on, but i was in charge, overall, of supervising the game mechanics.

I was also part of the programming team. This was done since me and Paula have worked numerous times together and don´t need much time to adjust to each others work habits. I was in charge of programming the traps, this meant how the each functioned and additionally the mechanic of “transferring” attacked traps to the opponents side. I also  was in charge of the spawn timers and counters of these traps. This aloud Paula to work closely with Fran, who is extremely talented but has less experience with both Unity and Game development at the time,  while at the same time having a certain level of “garantee” that my portion of the work would be done in a way that gels well with her own tendencies.

Overall the experience taught me  a huge leasson in delegating work. In the past i have assumed the role of team leader, while at the same time taking an active part in development, which has lead to the herculean task of keeping all of the different parts of the team working well and together; in this case, my role was simplified by having to leads, one of each department,  which brought out the best in me and the best of each member of the team.

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